Two Hundred And Four Reasons: Part 1 – A Rocky Start

This will be the beginning of a look back at Halo canon with the purpose of reviewing some of my favorite moments showcasing John-117 and Kelly-087′s friendship. With the intent of making the unique relationship between these two characters better known to other Halo fans.

John and Kelly’s camaraderie as Blue-One and Blue-Two is something that has been established since the first day the Halo franchise premiered in the world of science-fiction. And though their interactions have existed solely in the Extended Universe up until now, their history together is still a major part of what defines both their characters.


Two Hundred And Four Reasons: Preface (2015) – The Eagle and The Rabbit

In an effort to polish my abilities as a writer and analyst of various pieces of fictional media in which I’m invested, I’ve decided to also host a number of informal essays that were previously published to my Halo-themed Tumblr blog here on WordPress.

I’ve titled the following series of writings “Two Hundred And Four Reasons” – which recite the exploits of Spartan-IIs John-117 (a.k.a. the Master Chief) and Kelly-087. Moving in in-universe chronological order, these writings examine the contents of the official novels, animated shorts, and comic books. With emphasis on the moments that attest to the bond between Blue-One and Blue-Two, and how their relationship as teammates and friends has been an important part of what has defined both their characters since the inception of the Halo Universe.

I hope you enjoy them!