Two Hundred And Four Reasons: Part 6 – Thinking of You

After the fall of Reach, and the events that unfolded on Installation 04, the Master Chief was thought to be the last surviving Spartan-II. John-117 wasn’t willing to give up on his teammates so easily however; and after risking everything to rescue them, he was soon reunited with the remnants of his family. Unfortunately the Master Chief’s legendary luck could only stretch so far – as his closest friend and most stalwart right-hand, Kelly-087, was separated from him yet again soon after. In the weeks that followed the two would face extraordinary challenges that would test the limits of even the greatest super-soldier. But no matter how far apart John and Kelly were physically, they never seemed to stray very far from each other’s thoughts.


Two Hundred And Four Reasons: Part 5 – Before Anyone Else

It’s late August, 2552. Humanity will not survive much longer against the Covenant onslaught. And so a plan is put in motion to send the Spartan-IIs on an extremely high-risk operation in a last-ditch attempt to force a truce with the aliens. After receiving new MJOLNIR Armor and a uniquely created smart AI, the Master Chief is confident that the Spartans just might be able to bring an end to the Human-Covenant War. The series of events that followed would change John-117 and Kelly-087′s lives forever, more than anything either of them had endured before.

Two Hundred And Four Reasons: Part 4 – Unwavering Trust

In the wake of the loss of their mutual best friend and teammate Samuel-034, John-117 and Kelly-087 continued to operate as the foundation on which SPARTAN-II Blue Team would be built. Over the next 27 years, and the team’s various roster changes, John and Kelly remained nigh inseparable. Whether combating the aliens or human insurrectionists, John’s proclivity for leadership coupled with Kelly’s invaluable support skills stood the test of time and trial by fire. And through both victories and defeats, Blue Team achieved almost legendary status within the UNSC, the ranks of their fellow Spartans, and even among their enemies.

Two Hundred And Four Reasons: Part 2 – Into the Fire

Over the course of their training, the young Spartan-IIs forged powerful bonds of friendship and came to see each other as family – particularly within Blue Team’s triumvirate: consisting of John-117, Kelly-087, and Samuel-034. Which in turn created a level of unit cohesion and efficiency that had never before been seen in the UNSC. This was a primary goal of the program, and subsequently helped maintain the Spartans’ psychological and emotional health throughout their lives. And would soon serve them well on their first officially sanctioned mission.

Two Hundred And Four Reasons: Part 1 – A Rocky Start

This will be the beginning of a look back at Halo canon with the purpose of reviewing some of my favorite moments showcasing John-117 and Kelly-087′s friendship. With the intent of making the unique relationship between these two characters better known to other Halo fans.

John and Kelly’s camaraderie as Blue-One and Blue-Two is something that has been established since the first day the Halo franchise premiered in the world of science-fiction. And though their interactions have existed solely in the Extended Universe up until now, their history together is still a major part of what defines both their characters.

Two Hundred And Four Reasons: Preface (2015) – The Eagle and The Rabbit

In an effort to polish my abilities as a writer and analyst of various pieces of fictional media in which I’m invested, I’ve decided to also host a number of informal essays that were previously published to my Halo-themed Tumblr blog here on WordPress.

I’ve titled the following series of writings “Two Hundred And Four Reasons” – which recite the exploits of Spartan-IIs John-117 (a.k.a. the Master Chief) and Kelly-087. Moving in in-universe chronological order, these writings examine the contents of the official novels, animated shorts, and comic books. With emphasis on the moments that attest to the bond between Blue-One and Blue-Two, and how their relationship as teammates and friends has been an important part of what has defined both their characters since the inception of the Halo Universe.

I hope you enjoy them!